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In Telegram, you can natively integrate
advertising posts, quickly promote a brand and services.

The most popular topics among users are: education, blogging, entertainment and humor, business, work, startups, music, news, advanced technologies.

Telegram promotion services include:
Writing and mailing promotional
Search for relevant channels
and communities
Writing content for your own channels
Analytics of results and adjustment
of content strategy

We will draw up a promotion plan that
will allow you to quickly achieve the desired indicators.

The cost of the service is calculated individually.

For what?


Content marketing is a long-term promotion strategy for attracting new customers and building trusting relationships with the target audience. To achieve this, marketers create relevant content and distribute it.


The Telegram channel is what you need to work closely with the audience. Companies with their own infoblog have one and a half times more visitors than those that do not. Content marketing generates three times more leads than contextual advertising.

Telegram content marketing
is necessary for companies to:
Build trustworthy
connections with your
Natively promote
products or services
Build a loyal community
of brand ambassadors

The KPIs are determined by taking into account the goals of promotion. These include overall reach, audience engagement, and the number of new subscriptions.

Thanks to a systematic approach, you will quickly see the result and will be able to continually improve your content.
For what?
Content's update of the brand's telegram channel can:
expand the target
and increase customer engagement leads
generate leads
new traffic
increase customer engagement
increase loyalty, reactivate
passive customers
produce cross-selling and upselling
Content marketing goals depend on the purchase cycle.
The main stages are the client's understanding of the problems,
the search for a solution, analysis of a specific option, purchase.


We develop the concept and strategy of channel management
Implementing a content plan
Content Test Period
Developing the channel

Allo is the largest
commercial channel in the Ukrainian Telegram. It has been
our constant partner for several years already.

Technology Brand

Developing a Telegram brand promotion strategy, media buying and running display campaigns.

Media service

Media buying and launch
of display campaigns
in Telegram.

Restaurants of modern
Japanese food

Launch of display
campaigns on Telegram.

Technology brand

Development of a brand
promotion strategy
in Telegram, media buying
by KPI in subscriptions.


Strategy development and promotion of a turnkey
Telegram channel.

Customer Reviews
“The Telegram Agency team professionally performs its work, each joint project is implemented with high quality. If emergencies occur, when you need to quickly fix the problem, everything is always resolved as soon as possible. We are pleased with the cooperation and plan to implement many projects together. Thanks! "
Diana Shmyr IMC leader at realme Ukraine, Baltic, Azerbaijan
“We started working with the agency on Black Friday in 2020 in the midst of a lockdown. Increasing brand awareness and traffic to the partners' site were the main goals of the advertising campaign - the team coped with this quickly. I would like to note the opportunity to launch the AC “day to day” - this is very important ”
Svetlana Akimova Coordinator of Telegram, YouTube and blog.allo.uа
“We have been cooperating with the team for 2 years already. We regularly launch media campaigns in Telegram channels to increase sales of our products. Effectiveness at the level, management at 5/5.

I recommend them as reliable partners and professionals. "
Sophia Neverova Social Media Marketing Manager в Rocket
“The goal of our cooperation was to increase the number of subscribers in the Rocket Telegram channel by 1000 users in less than a week. The plan was fulfilled ahead of schedule (+1100 subscribers in 5 days), we were pleased with the result. I can rate the management at 4 out of 5 "
Eugene Beerhoff YouTube/Telegram/TikTok editor in chief of the chain of stores “EVA”
“We worked on promotion in Telegram, we are very satisfied with the quality of services. Each task is solved with a deep understanding of our interests and priorities.

We wish you further professional success and prosperity! "
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